Friday, 22 May 2009

first post!

wow, i guess this is my first post
well obviously because their arent any other ones on my page are there? unless they are invisible and i couldnt see them but the chances of that are very unlikely unless you get creepy hacking people types who do that to your stuff for the sake of it
i guess thats not likely either
well, um i dont exactly know what to say..apart from hello coz thats polite
well, i guess i've been a vegetarian for nearly two months now
thats such a boring word, seriously, it sounds like something an old person would describe themself as, or something from those books called stuff like 'what to do now you've hit 40'
you know the sort :
1) take up an interesting hobby such as greek wresteling
2) become a dealer in ecstacy or another form of illegal drug
3) turn vegetarian
see it fits right into that list there
except if i wrote that book, it would be
1) kill yourself because your only buying this book because you think your lifes over, or at least the good part of your life is

that sort of thing

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  1. Yes, I totally know what you mean! It does sound like something you would find in one of those books >.<
    check out my blooooggg so far :)
    (marnies friend haha)