Wednesday, 10 June 2009

okay, im an idiot

I have just woken up [not literally course] and realised how stupid i am due to these two things i did yesterday that to the average person would make no sense of at all:

1) i drank liquid soap
2) i took a bath with my jeans still on

okay so the first one was an accident [ let me explain: i had liquid soap in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, i got confused and drank from the wrong hand] but the second one wasnt
it was coz i had these old skinny jeans that werent skinny. in fact they were [and still are] two sizes too big for me. I thought if i sat in a really hot bath it could shrink them, but from this you can tell it umm didnt work. Instead, it ended up staining my legs and the bath red and burning my feet coz the water was hot.

and now i feel stupid

Friday, 5 June 2009

i like the rain

it was raining pretty bad today, but to be honest i don't see anything wrong with rain. i think it holds civilisations [if that's the right word] together

for example, take those people who make umbrellas. if their was no rain then they would have no job, and often as these umbrellas are made in sweatshops somewhere on the far east side of things it means there would be way more hungry Asians so they would probably start stealing our food, making us turn to Americans genetically modified and almost certainly radioactive food stash, causing the overall population to have radiation poisoning and almost certainly causing some kind of mutation or the other.

Also, the genetically modified food would bloat the population of the u.k meaning we may eat all the food and then succumb to cannibalism. And don't even get me started about the downside of cannibalism. but on the plus side of things everyone would be obese and thirsty for blood and all those people who have wanted to know what its like being in a horror film would finally find out

i think we all need to be great full to rain, i don't know about you but the idea of eating people everyday sounds a little tiring. unless they come with peanut butter. everybody loves peanut butter

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

not much has happened lately, but i got a leaflet through my door asking me for money to help invalids bake

Friday, 22 May 2009

first post!

wow, i guess this is my first post
well obviously because their arent any other ones on my page are there? unless they are invisible and i couldnt see them but the chances of that are very unlikely unless you get creepy hacking people types who do that to your stuff for the sake of it
i guess thats not likely either
well, um i dont exactly know what to say..apart from hello coz thats polite
well, i guess i've been a vegetarian for nearly two months now
thats such a boring word, seriously, it sounds like something an old person would describe themself as, or something from those books called stuff like 'what to do now you've hit 40'
you know the sort :
1) take up an interesting hobby such as greek wresteling
2) become a dealer in ecstacy or another form of illegal drug
3) turn vegetarian
see it fits right into that list there
except if i wrote that book, it would be
1) kill yourself because your only buying this book because you think your lifes over, or at least the good part of your life is

that sort of thing